History of EMG

History ofEMG

History of EMG: In 1986, with the establishment of Ehsan Meybod Tile Factory, this industrial group started operating in the field of ceramic tile industry. Ehsan Niroo Meybod Company (Aria Granite) and Aria Laab Meybod(frit) are other members of prestigious EMG Group. This industrial group has sent its products outside the country and in this way has achieved many successes in the sustainable export of production technical knowledge. Now, this industrial group is one of the most reputable and experienced among the country in ceramic and tile industry, which has more than 1,000 direct employees and dozens of contractors and suppliers of raw materials and sales network. Proudly, in the course of the evolution of this industry, during the last 30 years, despite many problems, we have succeeded in starting a path that has been approved by other pioneers of this industry over the years and this is a good sign that shows we are in the right way. EMG is the first manufacturer of Monoporosa wall tiles and technical granite in Iran. In addition to the EMG has expanded its field of activity in the field of production of tile raw materials, which can be the first production of granules by powder method and production of zirconium silicate.
Vision of EMG Group is expanding its market domestically and internationally and also creating jobs, improving tile and ceramics industry in international scales.

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